The Katana 3D Extreme RC Aircraft – Can You Handle It?

The Katana EP Extreme 3D RC Plane with 4 -channels asks to be pushed to the limit! This RTF ready to fly comes full with very little setting up. Its building is tough and also lightweight. The fit and coating is some of the best we have actually seen! Pair this lightweight balsa airframe with an out runner brushless electric motor and you would obtained a plan that pleads for the skies. This electric motor has the power and also draws when you need it the most! An 11.1 V/1250mAh Lip battery is consisted of. Paired with a 25 AMP ESC electronic rate control so you could make use of a more powerful battery makes the KATANA EP a winner completely around!

Everything is installed for your benefit. You simply should construct the wing, prop as well as tailor. Simply two screws affix the fly place so it could be conveniently removed for easy transport. Despite having my two left thumbs, I had the katana ep put together and prepared to go in under 12 minutes! The 8.4 gram HiTorque servos respond swiftly to provide you peak performance with the KATANA’s charitable control surfaces. At katanasale Carbon fiber press rods keep down the weight while keeping peak efficiency!

Dual Edged Katana Sword


Model: Katana EP R/C Aircraft

  • Complete Feature Radio Controlled
  • Criterion 4-Channel Radio System w/4 servos
  • High-Quality Balsa and Plywood Construction
  • Super Tough, Strong and also Lightweight Airframe
  • Wings: One-Piece All Wood, Twin Servos for Ailerons
  • Powered by A22-15M 1090Kv Out runner Brushless Motor
  • FM 4-Channel Proportional Radio System w/6-Channel Receiver
  • 4 8.4 g Hi-Torque Servos for Aileron, Rudder and also Elevator Control
  • Touchdown Gear: 0.12 3mm Pre-formed Light weight aluminum w/Steel Tail Wheel Bracket
  • Produced by Accurate Molds with High Integrity of Real Plane
  • Treatment: Factory Applied Low-Temperature
  • Electronic Rate Control: 25 AMP
  • Specialist Large Torsion Prop
  • KATANA EP 3D Plane Comes 90% Pre-Assembled
  • Traveling Period: 10 ~ 20 minutes
  • Wing Period: 35.4 900mm.
  • Size: 35.4 900mm.
  • Wing Area: 323.5 sq in.
  • Traveling Weight: 17oz 482g.
  • Propeller Size: 10 x 4.7 consisted of.
  • 4-Channel Radio Controlled Plane.
  • Battery: 11.1 V 1250mAh LiPo Rechargeable Battery.
  • Readily Available Shade: Yellow.


Katana EP Radio Controlled Airplane.

  • 4-Channel FM Transmitter Needs 8 AA Batteries.
  • 1 V 1250mAh LiPo Rechargeable Battery Pack.
  • Wing Set, Touchdown Equipment and also Body Set.
  • Home Air Conditioner Charger 110V.
  • User’s manual.

As you can see, this RC aircraft packs quite a punch. I really like this RC aircraft, and also I make certain you will certainly too! Are you approximately the 3D difficulty.