Why do we love reality shows?

Over the past 10 years there has been a growth in reality shows, talent shows and so on. Shows that are bringing in the score are big brother, I am a celebrity get me out of here, dancing on ice, come dancing, the x factor, Britain’s got talent to name just a few. There are dozens and dozens of twist off reality shows today with actors jumping in on the trend and with a film crew picture there every movement to get a TV series. I think it is down to how these shows allow us as viewers to become more a part of the series and shape what we see. We can all vote from home and choose who stays and who goes. Technology has played a part here as today you can vote through social networking sites as well as by text or phone. Years ago, you had the choice to see and that was it. You can now interact.

My love for reality shows started when the first brother was aired. The notion of placing 10 or 15 strangers into a home and film them might not seem attractive, but it makes for great viewing as everyone reacts to being locked up and filmed like that otherwise. I personally like the psychology of everything. I watch it the exact same way as the psychologist would watch the show although I’m not one. I find it rather interesting watching people interacting and watching their behaviour by bigg boss telugu vote. There is absolutely not any place to hide and it is not long until you see people authentic self. It is not difficult to see when people are lying or being manipulative, and who’s very likely to do well. The wonderful guy always wins that is good. Along with the bullies or people with not so pleasant traits are revealed for what they are. It makes you realise that there are lots of people out there much worse off than us.

Celebrity shows such as I am a celebrity get me out of this are pure entertainment. Regrettably we like to see others suffer and this series does just that. A few of the trials that the celebrities are put through only for food are most people’s worst nightmares, but they make for brilliant TV. Shows which are about a specific celebrity or star family are all of the rage and proving popular. Celebrities going about their everyday lives may not seem interesting to everybody but if you are a massive fan of state Katie Price you may wish to see a show with her in. Seeing the Osborne’s reality show was a terrific insight into the way the family reside and made for good TV.