Easy charnwood timber framing tips for kit homes

Timber frame homes are essentially structure and constructed by using heavy timbers joint together by pegged mortise and tenon joints. This kind of construction has been going on for eons and is now, in the recent years, coming back into fashion. Timber frame structures have gained a great deal of momentum in the last couple of years. The old age construction was improved by using some new age technology and techniques. New trends have added to the attractiveness of the old ways and contributed this notion endless design possibilities. These designs have united the populous yearning for wide open spaces with a growing environmental awareness.

Charnwood timber frame

The Heavy timbers were initially joined using joints such as lap jointing. Later on using pegged mortise and tenon joints became more popular. To curtail the movement of the vertical beams and posts using diagonal braces has been introduced. Scribe carpentry and square rule carpentry were utilized to take care of the size and shape of the hewn. To complete the walls, the spaces between the timbers were stuffed wattle, brick or rubble. Usage of additional stuff to fill the said spaces gave the arrangement the title ‘Half Timbered’. There were a few traditional features or structures added to the major timber frame like Jetties.

To Construct a Jetty a flat beam was used to keep the weight of the top wall. This wall will usually protrude outwards from the previous floor. These sturdy structures mainly used only wood timbers, not using metallic brackets or splines. The whole weight of the structure was supported only by the wooden framework. This allowed the construction to have the much desired wide open spaces. The huge Charnwood timber frame are constructed in enormous warehouses by skilled carpenters and craftsmen and the construction is enforced with great joinery using the latest technology.

Cutting and finishing of construction generally takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months, depending on its dimensions. The construction is then de-assembled and sent over to the building site and it is reassembled there. Many of the folks looking to purchase homes are planning to reside in them until the end of the days. So these are a fantastic option since they are strong and durable. They last very long with no significant maintenance worries. Also people seeking to build sheds or stable for horses and other critters are interested in wood frame structures.